What Does The American Banjo & Africa Have In Common?

The other day a friend of mine texted me (albeit at 4am – he forgot about time changes) to tell me I had to hear a story on public radio involving Bela Fleck. For those of you who do not know Bela Fleck he is an incredible Grammy award winning musician and considered by many […]


Uganda 5 Fun Facts

This week we are going to provide you with 5 fun facts about Uganda which is home to a source of the Nile: Uganda is home of a large part of Africa’s largest lake – Lake Victoria which is also a source of the Nile. Uganda has 11% of the birds found in the world […]


E-Blown Out Of Proportion My wife is a journalist. She teaches feature writing instructing students on not only how to write but the ethics and proper way to act as a journalist. First and foremost is to get your facts straight. Unfortunately many in the media forget what they have learned and instead like drama […]


Kigali, Rwanda – Impressive

After passing through the Nairobi airport for the third time it was time to begin the last leg of my journey and off I flew to Kigali, Rwanda. I had no idea what to expect – would it be like Uganda? Would I feel the underlying tension of the genocide that occurred about 20 years […]

Where Art Thou Gorillas?

After a very long drive and a less than spectacular stay near the Bwindi Forest National Park it was time to go gorilla tracking in Uganda. I arrived at the park and looked around at all my fellow hikers. I immediately noticed that everyone had gaiters or had their pants tucked into their socks. Not […]

Off To See The Gorilla Of My Dreams (pun intended)

As you read this I will be in Rwanda and Uganda researching tourist opportunities to track gorillas in these countries. I am going to look at the guides, the accommodations, organization of the tracking, logistics and how strenuous it is to get to see the gorillas. I am very excited to be going and will […]


Cheers To the Next Generation – Be Very Hopeful

Third Time’s a Charm: Working on a Water Project in Eastern Uganda I have a good friend Wes Siegner, whose twin daughters are the same age as my son.  Last month we were discussing (and bragging) that they had all just graduated from college and what their plans were.  After Wes finally got a word […]