E-Blown Out Of Proportion

My wife is a journalist. She teaches feature writing instructing students on not only how to write but the ethics and proper way to act as a journalist. First and foremost is to get your facts straight.

Unfortunately many in the media forget what they have learned and instead like drama and hysteria because it fills up time and gets people to watch. A prime example of this is how they are dealing with the subject of Ebola.

No one can deny Ebola is a deadly disease and of global concern. We understand people are worried, BUT for those traveling in East Africa there is no current need to be concerned. And I can tell you unequivocally after talking to the Minister of Tourism of Tanzania that they are taking every precaution possible. For them it is not only a matter of life and death for their people but for their economy.

So instead of believing the hyped up hysteria on TV. Here are some facts

  1. There is not one reported case of Ebola in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda or Namibia where we send clients.
  2. Traveling in Africa is not as free as traveling in the U.S. With border control, visas, etc. everyone is checked and screened and anyone, and I mean anyone traveling from or through West African countries where there has been Ebola is thoroughly scanned and checked.
  3. To even catch Ebola you need direct contact with someone who is infected. That means blood, saliva or other bodily fluids. It is not spread through the air.
  4. African nations are ahead of us in taking precautionary measures. They have been preparing since the first report of an Ebola outbreak. They have scanners to detect people with fevers. They are diligent about further screening for those that are from or traveling through affected countries.
  5. Africa is not a state or a country. It is a continent. It is 3X bigger than the U.S. The closest Ebola case to East Africa is 3000 miles. That is like saying don’t go to NY because there is an Ebola case in Los Angeles.

How confident am I that there is nothing to worry about? I am leaving for Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania next week. I will be there. Worry free.