It Pays To Go And Learn New Things

A few weeks ago I returned from an extraordinary camping trip with my son who was working this past summer for the National Park Service in Yosemite. I drove home from this trip late Sunday night basking in the glow of an incredible time with my son. Arriving home late after driving for 5 hours […]

Bravo American, Air Canada & Delta Airlines

We all like to complain about airlines. I know I do. With crazy fare rules, a fee for everything and making you jump through rings of fire to use your miles there is a lot to complain about. I travel a lot. In the past I have been a million mile flyer on American Airlines […]

A Very Special Time

I write a lot about Africa (hey this is the Infinite Safari Adventures blog ain’t it?), and I love being out in the bush away from electronics, bright lights and the trappings of home; being out in nature among amazing wildlife. But sometimes we forget that there are special places near us as well and […]

Best Crater In The World

Recently Foxnews.com published a list of 9 of the most amazing craters in the world. Why they did not do 10 I don’t know. It does not matter because coming in at number 6 (though in my opinion it should have been number 1) was Ngorongoro Crater! What I loved about their description is that […]