Infinite Safari Adventures Featured In Luxury Travel Mavens!

My friend Lisa Sonne is an amazing person – an award-winning travel writer, pho­tog­ra­pher, author, pro­ducer, direc­tor, and video­g­ra­pher, not to mention being an incredible nice person (as is her husband Victor).  Lisa also has the best job in the world.  She travels the world experiencing amazing adventures and then writing about them.  Her enthusiasm […]

And the Oscar Goes to…

This Sunday is the Oscars.  It is watched by hundreds of millions around the world.  While I do not know how many will be watching the Oscars in Tanzania it made me curious about movies made in Tanzania or about Tanzania.  I came up with 2. Though there are over 100 million people in the […]

Came To Boston To Talk Africa – Shoveled Snow Instead

As many of you know I travel the country attending travel shows and speaking to people about African adventures.  I love sharing my passion about Africa and what Infinite Safari does. This weekend I was excited to travel to Boston for the Boston Globe Travel Show.  I had a great time last year and several […]

Just Another Beautiful Day

I think it is important to constantly remind oneself to live each day to its fullest, look for the joy in life and to remember to enjoy what is in front of us and not worry about what is behind us or what might appear. And last week I had an amazing experience right in […]