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Alan Feldstein - Infinite Safari Adventures

Alan Feldstein – Infinite Safari Adventures

My friend Lisa Sonne is an amazing person – an award-winning travel writer, pho­tog­ra­pher, author, pro­ducer, direc­tor, and video­g­ra­pher, not to mention being an incredible nice person (as is her husband Victor).  Lisa also has the best job in the world.  She travels the world experiencing amazing adventures and then writing about them.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Curious Cow

Curious Cow

Each summer Lisa and Victor throw a “rubber boat regatta” where people in little inflatable boat race out in the surf and back in a hysterical race.  And each time she is kind enough to invite me she and I talk about kayaking out there.

Infinite Safari Adventures Founders - Manza Bay

Infinite Safari Adventures Founders – Manza Bay

Lisa was kind enough to include me in an online publication called “Luxury Travel Mavens.”  This online publication is created by five lead­ing author­i­ties (of which Lisa is one) who have one goal in mind: to share their love of travel with other inquis­i­tive glo­be­trot­ters. Each day they post provoca­tive sto­ries designed to inspire you to travel. They talk about com­pelling des­ti­na­tions around the world and offer up pre­views and reviews of lux­ury hotels and resorts, cruise ships, yacht char­ters, villa rentals, pri­vate jets, and pri­vate islands. They’ve got advice for plan­ning just about any type of vaca­tion, from hon­ey­moons to fam­ily get­aways to safaris to sub­or­bital space flights.

Check it out.  I think you will enjoy it! http://luxurytravelmavens.com/destinations/luxury-kayaking-top-tips-and-trips/