African Adventure by Danae Kawamoto

From time to time I have clients write about their experience on Safari.  I am always amazed by the effect of a trip to Africa can have on people and how well they write about it.  This is the first in a series of 3 guest blogs from my clients This year, I had the […]

RIP Derek Hutchinson

I love to kayak.  Being one of the first to kayak off the coast of Tanzania is one of the primary reasons I started Infinite Safari Adventures.  I follow kayaking.  I read about kayaking. I paddle almost every week. Recently we lost one of the icons of kayaking, Derek Hutchinson. I did not know Derek […]

Cheetah Cubs at the National Zoo

There is always excitement over a new birth and that holds true for animals born at the zoo – particularly when those are born to endangered species. About 4 months ago there were new arrivals at the National Zoo in DC – two cheetah cubs! After much thought they were named Carmelita and Justin after […]

The World Famous Cosmos Club

I have been going back and forth to DC for a number of years and there are several places I like to stay (for a time the Hotel George was my home away from home so much so that when my wife called, the staff would tell her where I was).  It has been a […]

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Giving Back Part 2 In the past I have written about having a cheetah at our house to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund (you can read it here).  I have also written about my visit to the Cheetah Conservation Fund headquarters in Namibia.  Both of those events inspired me and convinced me that CCF is […]