Going For The Maasai Gold!

I love the Maasai. They are a group of people you can learn a lot from. They look out for each other. Help each other with no expectation of reward in return and they easily laugh. They are also a brave group of people and as they graze their cattle in the bush there is […]

Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

PART FOUR (We now return to another episode of Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure). Sherry & Karen had an incredible gorillas experience. Then they saw the golden monkeys while staying at lodge with incredible food. Now it is back to a final day in Kigali before heading off to Tanzania. But first a wonderful […]

Hot Off The Presses!

I am very excited as Travel Show season begins this week. Though the first show is in Chicago and I am not prepared for the polar vortex (brrrr) I am excited to be getting out there and sharing with everyone the amazing things that are going on in Africa. For those of you in Chicago […]


We will be back soon with the continuation of Sherry and Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure. However as this is the start of 2015 and people are making resolutions about changing their lives I thought I would share with you a new concept that allows people to do just that. A little over a year ago […]