Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure – Time To Say Kwaheri

Kwaheri Sherri and Karen fly from the Serengeti back to Mt. Kilimanjaro Airport. Sadly the dream vacation is over 🙁 Friday, Oct 24 Breakfast, preparing for 9:45 a.m. flight from Kogatende to begin long flights home. Pilot Mike bounds in for breakfast at Sayari and will be our pilot. Happy guy! Sad goodbye to our […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Exploring The Serengeti!

PART SEVEN We are back with more adventures from Sherri and Karen! Sherri & Karen make their way to the Northern Serengeti where not only do they have incredible wildlife sightings including tree climbing lions, do some shopping, do a lot of checking of the tires and get ready to end their safari of a […]

Was It Worth It?

Yes! Infinite Safari Has The Best Clients. I tell people that when you travel with Infinite Safari Adventures you are not just a client but a member of the Infinite Safari family. During this travel show season that attitude has resonated with every show we have done so far. In every city I travel I […]


Some people think the photo above is cute. Others may think “oh I would like to have a cheetah as a pet.” In fact if you Google “cheetahs as pets” you will see advertisements for cheetahs for sale. And people will post this photo on Facebook or Tweet it or Instagram it and have lots […]