Tools or Toys?

I admit I love gadgets. I used to be the one who had to have the latest and greatest of everything.  Traveling to Africa a lot cured me of that as I learned that many over there felt sorry for me and my fellow travelers because we had too much stuff to worry about and […]

Infinite Safari, I Presume?

In 1871 Sir Henry Stanley came across Dr. David Livingston in Tanzania and supposedly uttered the famous phrase “Dr. Livingston I presume?” Last Saturday I could have said something similar when I ran across two Infinite Safari clients in an unexpected place.  I was hiking in the Angeles National Forest with a group of my […]

African Baobab Fruit at the Studio City Farmer’s Market?

I am always looking for all things related to Africa when I am home in the U.S. but did not expect to come across Baobab fruit in a drink being sold at my local Studio City Farmer’s Market.  Enjoying the long weekend, my wife Diane and I decided to go to the market to pick […]

Me – A Television Star!

Ok, so I am not a star. I am not even the star of my own web series.  I am not even a former star who might qualify to be a contestant on “The Apprentice.”  But I was filmed for an episode of the Sundance Channel’s new TV series “Push Girls.” As is the Hollywood […]