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Alan and Laura

Alan and Laura

In 1871 Sir Henry Stanley came across Dr. David Livingston in Tanzania and supposedly uttered the famous phrase “Dr. Livingston I presume?” Last Saturday I could have said something similar when I ran across two Infinite Safari clients in an unexpected place.  I was hiking in the Angeles National Forest with a group of my fellow Los Angeles Adventurers Club members on a hike called “A Bridge to Nowhere.” On the way back down I stood aside on the narrow path to let some hikers coming up go by.  Three women came up the path after the first one passed I looked up and was surprised to find two of my clients, Beth and her partner Laura coming up the path on a training hike! Next month they, along with a cousin from Washington are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and then going on a wonderful wildlife safari to celebrate what I know will be a successful summit.  How is that for a small world coincidence!

What is really great is that not only are they climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and going on safari, but also are using their climb as a way to raise monies for a non-profit organization that is near and dear to their hearts.  Called “Oasis Women’s Recovering Community” this program located in Sylmar California helps women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs reclaim their lives.

Beth and Laura have set up a web site where there is information about Oasis as well as info on them and their preparation for their “assault” on Mt. Kilimanjaro, including a beautiful little video showing their hike to the top of Mt. Baden-Powell (named for the founder of the boy scouts).  Most importantly you can visit the site to make a donation.  I encourage you to support their worthwhile effort.  To make a donation simply click on the web site www.webbethbarrett.com.

Kila la kheri!  Safari Njema! Beth & Laura (Good luck! Bon voyage!).