Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life! Part 1

Finding A Location – First Problem Solved Last week I posted a blog item about my promise to the women of the Ongata/Rongai area to drill a water well for them. As I write this I am sitting at the fantastic Kibo Safari Lodge having spent the last several days drilling a well. This will […]

Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life!

A Promise Fulfilled Three years ago I made a promise to the women of the Ongata/Rongai area where my Rafiki Patrick who I have written extensively about is from. I learned that they walk 6km (3.8 miles) everyday for water. I felt I needed to fix that but I wanted to not just come in […]

Serengeti Crowned Africa’s Best Safari Park

People always ask me where is the best place to go on safari. I give them that infamous answer – it depends. And it does because each park, each country offers something different. Chobe in Botswana or Tarangire in Tanzania have a great concentration of elephants. Gorillas? Parc de Vulcans in Rwanda or Bwindi Impenetrable […]

A Most Important Week

This past week has been one of milestones. 20 Years ago on August 27th I got married to my best friend, confidant, lover and best woman on the planet. 60 years ago on September 3rd I was born 10 years ago on August 30th as I approached my 50th birthday I achieved a goal to […]