4th Annual “Meetah Cheetah” – A Resounding Success

If you don’t know by now (wait I have not told you 🙂 ) I am on the Board of Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (www.cheetah.org). Every year I have done an event entitled “Meetah Cheetah” to coincide with CCF founder Dr. Laurie Marker’s spring tour through the United States. I am proud to […]

What Is More Golden Than Gold In Tanzania?

What is more important than gold in Tanzania? Tourism! A recent article reported that tourism has overtaken gold as Tanzania’s leading foreign exchange earner. And how important is tourism to the people of Tanzania? Tourism employs almost 500,000 people in the country. In 2014 over 1 million people visited Tanzania and the country is looking […]

It’s The People Not The Places That Makes The Experience

Last week I wrote about the attack in Garissa Kenya. This week I thought I would share with you why I will not be afraid to travel, and if I was what I would miss out on. Last November I traveled for the first time to Ethiopia. As part of that trip I visited Bahir […]

Be Aware, But Don’t Be Worried

I woke up last Thursday to the horror of the terrorist attack in Garissa, Kenya. My first thought was about the poor students and their families. My heart and sympathy goes out to them. This should not be happening to the people of Kenya who are so warm and wonderful. I also began to think […]