It Takes a Maasai Village to be Happy

While Maasai are historically polygamous, Patrick has one wife and 3 amazing children.  Patrick has a son Leyian, a daughter Sein and a baby boy Soipei.  His wife Agnes is a beautiful talented woman who is an incredible bead artist.  In fact Agnes and Patrick have been to New Mexico to display her artistry at […]

A Goat Served in a Maasai Village In My Honor

When I arrived in Patrick’s village I had no idea what I would eat.  Would I drink blood and milk as is traditional of the Maasai?  Would I eat corn? Would I eat something that was hunted? It turns out that I would be honored by the butchering of one of their goats that would […]

Meet my Maasai Rafiki of Kenya – Patrick Olepapatiti

In 2000 my wife Diane and I made our first trip to Africa.  We are an example of what happens to people who go to Africa – it gets under your skin. While the African wildlife and wilderness is magical, it is your bond with the people you meet that will last a lifetime.  There […]

A Safari Adventure in Ruaha, Tanzania

The old phrase “The best laid plans of mice & men often go askew” is from a Robert Burns poem and became the title of John Steinbeck’s book “Of Mice & Men.” Well our last day in Tanzania certainly fit the bill! Every day during my time in Tanzania the skies were filled with beautiful […]