Good Economic Times Ahead for Tanzania?

With all the news of our budget problems and the deficit here in the USA – here is an interesting fact – according to Moody’s Investors Service both rated and unrated sovereigns in Sub-Saharan Africa economies which includes Tanzania, are expected to grow at a rate of 5.5% In this area the economy rebounded in […]

Tanzania – Once Again Is In the Forefront of the Environment

One of the most beautiful places I have visited in the world and the first place I went to in Africa was the island of Zanzibar.  People who go with us on our trips all love its exotic beauty.  Unfortunately, sometimes the ever-present plastic bags that appear all over the world can spoil that beauty. […]

IKA in Online Kayak Magazine

When Steve was first building our fleet of boats he needed some hatch covers for me to bring over.  After searching on the net we found them at Tom’s Top Kayaker Shop .  What I did not know is that TopKayaker had started out as an online magazine and the shop evolved to fill a […]

Man’s Best Kayak Friend

Besides kayaking and Africa, I am also obsessed with dogs – particularly our dog Heidi.  She is an actress (you missed her as “dog at restaurant” in Desperate Housewives?), and journalist (check out this article in the Stuio City Patch – Heidi Makes her Mark in a New Webisode for Performing Arts Studio West) and […]

Serengeti Highway is Off – For Now

I am pleased to announce that the government of Tanzania has declared its intentions not to construct a commercial route across the Serengeti National Park. A paved road through the park would have disrupted the lives and migration patterns of the animals and destroyed their way of life, as well as the chance for future generations to […]