What Is One of the Things That Makes Travel Great? GREAT FOOD!

As part of our entourage on our trip we had with us a brother and sister team from the Herero tribe – Boas and Sonya. Boas was very informative and helpful in translating for us. However, three times a day it was Sonya who brought a smile to our faces. Every morning Sonya would put […]

Thank You To Our Southern California Friends!

We have finally unpacked, sent out our thank you emails and finished sending out some of our amazing itineraries to some of the great people who came by and visited us at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show. We had a great time talking about all the wonderful adventures that we offer in Africa.  […]

The Father of Conservancy in Namibia

Usually the best adventures come when you least expect them and when something did not go as planned. On the 3rd day of our Namibian trip we drove up to an area known as Wereldsend (Afrikans for end of the world). Our car got us there but as it was moved just a few yards […]

Seals, Seals, Seals

After finally getting some rest and attending a conference with Namibian Tour Operators it was now time to go see what Namibia looked like (or at least part of it). Namibia is vast (bigger than England and France combined) but only has 2.4 million people in it. Our area of exploration was the northwest coast, […]

A New Adventure in Namibia, Southern Africa

Greetings – I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are getting ready for what I believe will be a wonderful and exciting 2012. I have just returned from a 3-week trip to Africa where I visited Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. As always, I had an incredible time filled with adventure, meeting great people and wonderful […]