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Greetings – I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are getting ready for what I believe will be a wonderful and exciting 2012. I have just returned from a 3-week trip to Africa where I visited Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. As always, I had an incredible time filled with adventure, meeting great people and wonderful experiences. Over the next several weeks I am going to share some of those experiences. The first are some reports from Namibia, on my first visit to Southern Africa.

Alan Feldstein with Ambassador Wanda Nesbitt

Alan Feldstein with Ambassador Wanda Nesbitt

I am very proud that Infinite Safari Adventures was one of 10 companies invited by the Namibian Tourist Board to visit Namibia for the purpose of examining ways to increase tourism from the U.S. to Namibia – a fascinating country that is only about 20 years old (it got its independence in 1990!).

After 60 hours of travel I landed in the capital of Windhoek, met my fellow travelers, and we hit the ground running! While many parts of Africa can be dusty and dirty, Windhoek is spotlessly clean with peculiar street names including Fidel Castro Blvd. The first stop was a visit and lunch at the World Wildlife Fund headquarters where I had the honor of meeting Wanda Nesbitt, the U.S. Ambassador to Namibia. What struck me most is that Ambassador Nesbitt did not travel with an entourage or security like you would expect a U.S. Ambassador to do. In fact she walked to the luncheon from her home down the street! It was a great experience to talk to the Ambassador and listen to her impressions of what it is like to live in Namibia. All in all a great day but since I had been flying and traveling for 60 hours all I could think of is the old joke – I just flew into Namibia from the U.S. and boy are my arms tired!

If you want to know more about Ambassador Nesbitt click here http://windhoek.usembassy.gov/bio.html