Supporting The Maasai And Making Your Dog Beautiful

Giving Back Part 1 I feel very fortunate and lucky to be able to not only go to Africa every year, but also to introduce people to Africa and help them realize that “bucket list” dream of going on Safari.  Ever since I founded my safari company, I have been looking for a way to […]

A Pair of African Customized Shoes

A couple of weeks ago I was back in Africa.  The purpose of my trip was twofold.  First I went to Kenya to visit Patrick and to pick up inventory for a new business we are starting – selling Maasai Beaded Dog Collars to raise money to send the children of his village to school […]

Leading an Epic Life – Byron Davis

I subscribe to a service called HARO (Help A Reporter Out).  Its goal is match up people who are writing a story or do blogs or webcasts with possible experts or participants.  I have responded to quite a few of these but none have come to fruition until last week. I was contacted by Byron […]

The Joy of Music, But Ode to Joy?

There is and always has been some great music coming out of Africa.  But Beethoven and Bach? As I was waiting for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics to get started I decided to watch 60 Minutes.  The show always has some very interesting stories and is a good place to discover things that you […]