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There is and always has been some great music coming out of Africa.  But Beethoven and Bach?

Joy in Congo – A Musical Miracle

Joy in Congo – A Musical Miracle

As I was waiting for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics to get started I decided to watch 60 Minutes.  The show always has some very interesting stories and is a good place to discover things that you would otherwise never heard of.

They had a story on there called “Joy in Congo – A Musical Miracle”  In the Democratic Republic of Congo a country ravaged by war and poverty an airline pilot who had lost his job 20 years ago when the airline he worked for went out of business decided to start an orchestra. Yes, a symphony orchestra! True to the African spirit he had no instruments, no musicians – basically nothing.  Yet he persevered.    And now in Kinsasha there is a symphony orchestra that has never performed anywhere else, that no one ever heard of, whose musicians sometimes walk over 90 minutes to get to rehearsals, but perform with their heart and soul.

It is a remarkable story of overcoming many obstacles to do something that for many of us would seem impossible.  But what really struck me was the absolute pure joy on the musicians’ faces when they are making music.

Watch the video.  Be inspired.