My day with the Maasai Part 1: Some Things Are Not Meant To Be.

In the 17 years I have been coming to Africa one of the valuable lessons I have learned from the wonderful people of Africa is that if things do not go according to plans you can be sad, you can be disappointed, but you must accept the fact move on and enjoy what you have. […]


Souvenirs from Africa

It is a part of my personal guarantee for an unforgettable trip that I only send friends and clients to places, accommodation, parks, and experiences that I have been to myself. That makes for a crazy schedule while trying to fit everything into a short trip timeframe. It is a whirlwind but a wonderful one.

Off To Africa!

At least once but usually twice a year I head over to Africa. Usually part of it is to spend time with friends but the other part is to do research on properties and places so that when people ask about them I can discuss them from experience and not just because I saw a […]

A Tony Award Winning Performance

I have written a couple of blog posts about our friend Jill Holden and her students at Kittridge Elementary School in Los Angeles. I had the honor of coming to them early on in their preparation of a production of The Lion King to talk to them about Africa, its wildlife and its people. I […]


Want A Cheap Beer? Come To Africa

Each year GoEuro, a European Travel Site, publishes a Beer Price Index, which compares several beers in stores and bars across 75 cities in terms of price. The cheapest beer can be found in Krakow with an average price (between supermarket and in a bar) of $1.66. The most expensive is Geneva at $6.32 (with […]

Sign the Electrify Africa Act of 2013 Petition

We have just celebrated the 4th of July. During this holiday some reflect on what a great country we live in and the freedoms that we have to live, do, say and believe as we desire. But we should also be grateful for many things that we sometimes take for granted but that for others […]


Supporting The Maasai And Making Your Dog Beautiful

Giving Back Part 1 I feel very fortunate and lucky to be able to not only go to Africa every year, but also to introduce people to Africa and help them realize that “bucket list” dream of going on Safari.  Ever since I founded my safari company, I have been looking for a way to […]

The Joy of Music, But Ode to Joy?

There is and always has been some great music coming out of Africa.  But Beethoven and Bach? As I was waiting for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics to get started I decided to watch 60 Minutes.  The show always has some very interesting stories and is a good place to discover things that you […]