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At least once but usually twice a year I head over to Africa. Usually part of it is to spend time with friends but the other part is to do research on properties and places so that when people ask about them I can discuss them from experience and not just because I saw a pretty picture in a brochure.

Off To Africa

Off To Africa

This week I am off to Kenya and then Botswana. In Kenya I am excited to spend time with Patrick and his family and all my Maasai friends. I will have an opportunity to see how our water well is doing and how the school that Patrick is overseeing and to see all the adorable and talented students that are there.

Then it is off to Botswana. I will be visiting Chobe and the Okavango Delta. I am looking forward to being on the water in a mokoro, the traditional dugout canoe used in the delta. While not paddled like a kayak I hope I will have an opportunity to paddle one!

It will feel great to be back in Africa and out in the bush again. I always feel so comfortable out there.

Stay tuned – more to follow!