How to Visit Victoria Falls

A natural wonder of Africa, Victoria Falls is a must-see for many of my guests on safari. It is an incredible, breathtaking sight and one that should not be missed. Towering twice as tall as Niagra Falls, Victoria Falls is the dividing line between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Fed by the Zambezi River, […]

Wi-Fi in Africa: What You Need to Know

The internet is an essential part of daily life for just about everyone these days. Staying connected to friends, family, work and play is simple in our hometowns or cities..but what about during a safari in Africa? One of the most common questions my guests ask me is – what about Wi-Fi in Africa? Will […]

A Layover in Nairobi: 4 Great Places to Visit During Transit

Africa has three primary travel hubs – Johannesburg, Addis Adaba, and Nairobi. The majority of flights into Africa land in the morning and depart hours later towards the late evening resulting in a layover in Nairobi. Often this means you’ll have a ‘transit’ day to spend exploring Nairobi. I’m often asked if there’s anything to […]

Namibia Part 3: Watching the Cheetahs Run

While no longer needing to hunt, the resident cheetahs need some exercise to stay in shape. One of the ways to do that is to have them chase a rag around on a field (they are cats after all). Hooked up to a motor that allows the rag to be moved forward and backwards the […]

Namibia Part 2: The Great Staff at CCF

There are over 100 great staff people who work at CCF.  From cooks, farmers property managers, veterinarians, geneticists everyone loves their job and love cheetahs and their love clearly shows.  Two shining examples of that are Laura and Becky.  Laura is from England and Becky is from Canada.  Their job is to help take care […]

The Frommers Travel Show Featuring Alan Feldstein!

The next episode of the renowned Fommers Travel Show will be released online and as a podcast on February 18th featuring Alan! Frommers has a special place in Alan’s heart, and history. His first backpacking trip around Europe “many moons ago” was all done with “Europe on Ten Dollars A Day” (that should give you […]

Namibia Part 1: Back at CCF

After some long flights and ample travel excitement, I landed in Namibia and headed for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). I am not only on the board of trustees for this incredible organisation but I feel like it is a home away from home in Africa. Every time I arrive I receive a warm welcome […]


5 Amazing Facts About Tanzania

Tanzania the first country I visited and is still one of Africa’s most incredible countries. Here are 5 tantalising, tremendous facts about Tanzania. 1. Tanzania is surrounded by three expansive lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. (And Lake Tanganyika is where I first […]