The Big Apple or The Serengeti – Which Is More Expensive?

OK here is a question. Which is more expensive – a trip to New York or a Safari in Africa? If you think Africa guess again. A day in NY is more expensive per person than a day on Safari. A typical safari day will cost between $450 and $550 per person per day (yes […]

Safari Surfing: Part 2 Buyer Beware of Hidden Costs

Last item we discussed what makes a bad, good or great safari. But another thing to be on the lookout for is that some deals not be as good as they look. Let me share some secrets with you. Newcomers to the safari world often don’t realize the range of the expenses involved. So what […]

Safari Surfing: Part 1 How to Tell a Great Deal From a Bad Trip – Differences in Safaris

I am not only an avid sea kayaker, I’m a surfer – the Internet, that is. When people begin planning that dream safari, the first place they go is to the web, which is what I did on my first safari. Googling “African Safaris” or “Wildlife Safari” can provide overwhelming results. There are a myriad […]

Let’s Live A Passionate Life Like Steve Jobs

I did not know Steve Jobs. But as I woke up this morning and turned on my MAC laptop computer and read his obit it struck me as amazing the effect he has had on my life. I use a mouse to click on things. My wife and I both have Apple computers. I listen […]

Need a break? Take a 4 Minute Safari in Africa!

In front of your computer?  Need a break? Watch this 4-minute safari with some beautiful music: Recently I wrote an article for Top Kayaker (the premier sit on top kayaking site on the web – http://www.topkayaker.net/).  You can check out the article at http://bit.ly/mWOLDU. When I sent them photos I had taken in Africa they […]