Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukah!

Thursday is Thanksgiving. It is also the Jewish Holiday of Hanukah. Hanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights that lasts for 8 days. It is extremely rare that Hanukah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving as it usually falls right before, or during the Christmas holiday. In fact it is so rare that it […]

Another Lesson Learned From Being In Africa

I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know Anna Martin, a lawyer who lives up in the Lake Tahoe area. She has a daughter who is applying for college and had spent some time in West Africa. Because of my passion for Africa, Anna was kind enough to share her daughter Julianna Gordon’s […]

Infinite Safari Adventures Is Published!

Several months ago I received a request from Michelle Gamble-Risley, owner of 3L Publishing, who asked me to write about my most memorable family vacation. While I have fond memories of traveling with my parents as a child, my fondest family vacation memory as an adult has to be the transformative trip that I took […]

Meet The Hirwa Group

After meeting up with our guide, Patience, I met the other members of our group. It was a collection of doctors, lawyers, and psychiatrists from Germany who had come to Rwanda to help train professionals there in dealing with a multitude of issues including post-traumatic stress resulting from the genocide. Since I do not speak […]