Someone Needs A Geography Lesson

It is not uncommon for people I meet in the U.S. to refer to Africa as a country or to tell me that they would like to go on a 10 day safari and during that time go to Victoria Falls, Cape Town, see the Great Migration and the Gorillas in Rwanda. I usually pull […]

Another Step In Stopping Poaching

Plain and simple, poaching is a problem in Africa. Whether it is South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania or elsewhere in Africa when there is an international demand for ivory or rhino horn there is going to be poaching. And there is not one simple one-size answer to this problem. It must be attacked from many different […]

“Queen Of Ivory” Arrested in Tanzania

Picture a member of a crime syndicate and what do you think of? Some guy with a slick suit? Gold chain? How about a poacher? A poor guy from a village with little clothes to his name? Well throw out those stereotypes. A few months ago a 66 year old Chinese woman nicknamed the “Queen […]

In Memory of A Hero In The War On Poaching

Over the next few weeks I am going to address “the elephant in the room” which is the poaching of these amazing animals and their bush colleagues the rhino. Poaching is a criminal activity. There is a lot of money at stake. That money can corrupt officials. Combine those things and bad things happen to […]