Everything You Thought You Knew About Safari Is Wrong

My Dad, who is a healthy and active octogenarian, is constantly sending me things by email. Most are silly stories, political rants or cartoons. Usually I will quickly peruse and then delete as I try to keep my inbox clean for the important stuff. However he recently sent me an article that appeared in Conde […]

Crush Ivory – Crush Poaching

On Friday, in the very public place of Times Square New York, over a ton of ivory artifacts were crushed into nothing but dust. All were illegal. All had been carved from elephant ivory. Thousands of people gathered to watch as the confiscated illegal trinkets were loaded into a massive rock-crushing machine, which ground them […]

Amarula Liqueur: Safari in a Glass

I live in Studio City, California in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Down the road from me is an area known as Tarzana. Tarzana has a quirky history. It was developed on the site of a former ranch owned by author Edgar Rice Burroughs of Tarzan fame. In 1998, in order to promote […]

Ignore The OMG And Focus On The AWE

My wife is a journalist. I enjoy and have a lot of respect for the media. But let’s be honest the dissemination of news via, print, the internet, radio or TV is not just about giving people information but also about generating revenue. So do boring happy everyday things generate a lot of revenue? No! […]

Being Prepared Is A Great Feeling

I am a big believer in having the necessary skills to feel prepared for whatever I do. It took me a long time to be able to do an Eskimo roll in my kayak, but it has given me the confidence to paddle out in conditions I normally would not have gone out in. When […]