Rain and the Circle of Life

Sometimes here we take things like water for granted and get upset when the hot water heater doesn’t heat the water quick enough for us.  One of the wonderful and different experiences in Tanzania is that you get to learn to live with the rhythm of nature. There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania – […]

Calgary Warms to Kayaking in Africa

This weekend (March 26 -27, 2011) Diane and I traveled to Calgary Canada to attend the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show.  For 2 great days people braved the un-spring like conditions of cold and snow to attend the show.  We met thousands of warm friendly people who were really intrigued about what we are offering […]

A Tanzanian Photographic Odyssey Video is Now on YouTube!

Back in February I put out a call for all wildlife and nature photographers and proudly announced that Infinite Safari Adventures had teamed up with Jansen Photo Expeditions to offer a Tanzanian Photographic Odyssey. They are great teachers and offer the technical and stylistic techniques necessary for participants to create not only good exposures with expressive and […]

Baboons Are Wise Farmers

Don’t think that animals in the wild will eat anything.  Sometimes they can have very discerning palate. In South Africa an orange farmer was constantly perplexed when year after year a troop of baboons would descend from the mountain on his orange groves and out of thousands of orange trees to choose from would always […]

A Life Transforming Story

I belong to this service called “Help A Reporter Out.”  It connects writers with sources for stories they are working on.  Recently there was an inquiry that came in from a writer, Scott Colby, who has a web site called Fitness Adventures USA.  Scott was looking for trips that had been life transforming to put […]