From Space To Mountains To the Depths of the Ocean

An Incredible Weekend Once again I have just returned from New York from another Explorers Club annual dinner.  In a previous blog post I had mentioned the exotic food that is served with cocktails before the meal and this year was no different – well a little different as this year I had crocodile, boar, […]

WHOA! These Women Are Awesome!

Last week I exhibited at the Washington DC Travel show.  It was my 5th show in 8 weeks.  I met hundreds of potential travelers and with so many people to talk to almost lost my voice telling people about my love of Africa, Wildlife, and the wonderful people of Tanzania and East Africa.  In fact […]

Africa – The Birth of Man and the Birth of Great Ideas

From my safari travels, my friendship with my Patrick, my Maasai Rafiki (friend) and other African experiences I have come to learn how clever and bright the people of Africa are and how they can come up with solutions to problems with a minimal amount of stuff. I was reminded of this again recently when […]

You Meet The Best People When You Go On Adventures

My son Darrow right now is finishing up a two-month trip traveling through Argentina and Chile going where the road takes him (I am proud and envious).  He has had wonderful adventures and met amazing people along the way.  I like to think that my enthusiasm for traveling and adventure somehow how influenced both he […]