Help Us Get Over The Top

Buy An African Dog Collar! As you know as part of our giving back philosophy I started a project called Dog Collars For Africa. The concept is that I would underwrite the costs of materials and the women of the Ongata-Rongai village would use their incredible talents to make Maasai Beaded Dog Collars. Then a […]

Follow Us!

I am not referring to Facebook. I am not referring to Twitter. What I am referring to is following our tracks via SPOT! Today I am leaving (actually I left at 12:30 am) with 6 friends, fellow kayak instructors and safari clients for a multisport trip to Patagonia Chile. We are going to go horseback […]

Everyone At Infinite Safari Adventures Gives Back

I have been very fortunate to have Steve Chumbley as Infinite Safari Adventures ground partner since its beginning. Steve and I first met in 2005 when he and his wife Teena were managing Greystoke Mahale and we discovered a shared love of kayaking. I never have to worry about my clients being take care of […]

Infinite Safari Adventures Named One Of 2014 Top 10 By FoxNews.Com

Last week my web master extraordinaire, Rick Jackson, (if you need a web master he is your guy [Rick’s Web Creations]) asked me if I had seen an article from Active Times which was followed up on and published by FoxNews.com. I had not and imagine my delight and surprise when I clicked on the […]