My day with the Maasai Part 5: Yummy Barbecue

When I discussed the ceremony with Patrick I discovered that once you become a warrior you never eat meat in your home or with your wife. At the ceremony, your wife gives you 4 pieces of meat for the first time since you became a warrior. And then only after this ceremony, when you are […]

My day with the Maasai Part 4: Tea Time

After the welcome song and greeting it was time for tea. Patrick’s close friend Joseph Sankale who I have known for a while, joined me in one of the make shift houses or “bomas”. Joseph is an amazing guy who is running for political office this year (Good luck Joseph). The makeshift Bomas are constructed […]

My day with the Maasai Part 3: A Welcome Song

Upon my arrival to the “Woodstock of the Maasai” I along with about a dozen Maasai were immediately greeted by the women who were there. There I was standing with all the other warriors (though I am surely an elder) in a long line (can you tell which one is me in the picture? LOL). […]

My day with the Maasai Part 2: It Is A Small World.

People have always told me that I should be very proud of how I have helped Patrick and the impact it has had. I don’t think of it that way. I was just so impressed with Patrick that I wanted to help him. He has done the rest. And I am very proud of him. […]