What You Didn’t Know About Zanzibar

Last week we mentioned that biking around Zanzibar was on our Tanzania bucket list.  This is an Island we will almost insist you visit when you plan your trip to Tanzania, it is an unforgettable experience so different from mainland Africa. It is here that the spice trade between the Arab and Indians began – […]

Top Five Tanzania Experiences

Do you have a bucket list? We do! Here are five adventures on our bucket list, hoping to make the “ticks” in 2012! Spotting a Kill is the holy grail of safari. We haven’t seen one (in real life) yet! Biking around Zanzibar – we’ve been to Zanzibar, and we can nearly guarantee that like […]

Names – They Are A Changin’

Welcome to Infinite Safari Adventures! That’s right – we changed our name. Why You might ask? One reason: We’ve simply become so much more than a kayak company. As our past guests can attest – our itineraries now include all sorts of adventure activities, not just water sports and our new name is designed to […]

Can You Go to Jail for Paddling?

Or canoeing? Maybe if you live in Los Angeles which is where the home office of Infinite Safari Adventures is located. We have here a concrete structure called the LA River that when it rains hard can be flooded and dangerous, but certain parts are beautiful and there has been a movement afoot for a […]

What is a 3 letter word for “A Starchy staple of Africa?”

Ever since we have been together my wife has enjoyed doing the NY Times Crossword puzzles. She can even do the impossible Saturday one. I have never been into the puzzles but one day when I had some time I looked at one (it was a Monday and thus the easiest one) and lo and […]