A Great Story To Read In Zambia & Malawi

When I travel I like to bring one or two books to read on my trip. As is tradition, when finished I leave them at the camp I am staying at and if I need more reading material exchange it for another book in the camp library. I was fortunate that just before I left […]

Rules In the Bush

To paraphrase a line from the book “Where Soldiers Fear to Tread: A Relief Worker’s Tale of Survival” There are no rules in the bush. One night as we were on a night drive making our way back to our lodge we heard quite a commotion. It appears that 2 young male lions had attacked […]

The Bush Bar

At the end of the day there is nothing better than enjoying a nice cocktail or glass of wine. And there is no place better to enjoy that libation than out in the bush. Known in Africa as “sundowners” it is a special moment to park your vehicle and sip a gin tonic or a […]

Chilling In The Grass

Giraffes are some of my favorite animals to view in the bush. Besides being beautiful they are graceful and just seem to do everything in a slow and gentle manner. It is impossible for a giraffe to lie down completely as their heart would have to work too hard to pump blood all the way […]