Calling All Wildlife And Nature Photographers!

Would you like an opportunity to capture amazing wildlife and landscape images in Africa?  Would you like a chance to get that great mantel shot!  Now you can. Infinite Safari Adventures has teamed up with Jansen Photo Expeditions to offer you a Tanzanian Photographic Odyssey.  For over 20 years, Mark Jansen, with his wife Holly, […]

Is It Safe to Travel to Tanzania?

It is the question I am being asked a lot these days regarding is it safe to travel to Tanzania given all the violence and political unrest in the rest of the world.  The simple answer is that it is perfectly safe.  How do I know?  Well besides traveling there since 2000 and never having […]

Reliving The Past

Living in East Africa and being a sea kayaker offers the chance to go exploring new waters quite often.  In fact when Alan Feldstein came here in 2008 with his kids we were the first to paddle down a mangrove river and out to Maziwi Island.  Later when we were together in February after the […]

Christmas Paddle in Tanzania

In the U.K. where I am from or for those of you in the former colony most Christmases are spent indoors with family and friends usually with snow outside and a fire burning.  I haven’t spent Christmas at home for several  years but this year had hoped to until Alan sent me some wonderful clients […]

Valley Wide Kayak Club in Hemet

The other night I had the honor of speaking at the Valley Wide Kayak Club in Hemet (www.valleywidekayakclub.org). It was a great night with an enthusiastic crowd. Many thanks to Tom Siebold for organizing this (and dinner). It is nice to go speak about paddling in Africa but even nicer when you meet wonderful people […]

The Last Lions

We read a lot about conservation efforts to protect Elephants and their ivory and endangered cheetahs.  These efforts are very worthwhile and should be supported.  But did you also know in the last 50 years the African lion population has declined from 450,000 to about 20,000?  Hunting, loss of habitat and retaliatory killing by cattle […]

Introducing Steve’s Corner

As many of you know I have a business partner, Steve Chumbley, who resides in Tanzanian with his lovely wife Teena Payne and their ever entertaining son young Aidan (he will be happy to take you on a rocket ship safari). Steve and Teena have been in the safari business for over a dozen years […]

The Kilimanjaro Marathon

As well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro there is also a marathon.  Having run the Mount Kilimanjaro marathon a few years ago – in between safaris in the Serengeti where I trained by dodging lions (it helps your time) and a bout of malaria during training I got a time of 4 hours 50 minutes (the […]