Zambia – An Undiscovered Gem?

As a member of the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles and the Explorers Club you can understand that I love adventure and I love to explore. I also love to learn and as I learned it is wiser to admit what you don’t know than to try and show what you do (or don’t) know. […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Into Ngorongoro Crater!

PART SIX Sherri & Karen continue their adventure by making their way to the iconic Ngorongoro where the wildlife is plenty! Tuesday, Oct 21 Up early and out to a full day in the Crater. It’s so lush and green on the car drive down and we see narrow trails which the Maasai walk every […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure

PART FIVE Off To Tanzania! Back to their adventure. After Rwanda it was time to go see wildlife in Tanzania. Tune in as we go with Sherri & Karen to Tarangire National Park where the second densest population of elephants reside. Enjoy! Saturday, Oct 18 4:00 a.m. wake up, 6:00 a.m. flight from Kigali Airport […]

Tanzania 90210

What do the 1971 movie Shaft, the country of Tanzania and the city of Beverly Hills have in common? Last week they all came together for a very special evening to promote Tanzania as the ultimate safari destination in Africa. For the first time a delegation from the Tanzania Tourist Board have come to the […]