On to Wildlife Safaris In Selous & Ruaha in Tanzania

After several great days in Namibia including the last night at a beautiful guest house in Windhoek owned by Matiti Tours (a great place to stay) I was ready to start the second leg of my trip. Now on to the place I love and know best, Tanzania. This time I was visiting a part […]

Go Chester Go!

How often does one get an opportunity to help a cheetah start a new life back in the wild? While at CCF Laurie Marker asked if I wanted to help relocate “Chester.” And unite him with his 4 brothers. How could one say no to that? What CCF does is help cheetahs get ready to […]

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

As the Southern California Chapter Chair of the Explorers Club I have the privilege of meeting some amazing people.  One of those amazing people is Dr. Laurie Marker who runs the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.  I met Laurie a couple of years ago at an Explorers Club function in New York and then my […]

Meet the Himba

As we continued to make our way up north we saw two Himba women sitting by the side of the road with their children selling some jewelry. Himba women wear little clothing, and elegantly decorate their hair. But what is really distinctive is that they have a red tinge to their skin. The reason is […]