Patagonia Phrases

Last month I had the pleasure of taking 8 clients on a multi-sport adventure in Patagonia Chile. I will be writing about it over the next several weeks but to fully understand my posts you will have to become familiar with what certain phrases mean. It is sort of like reading the real estate section […]

The Passing Of Moose McGregor Of Solitaire Namibia

As a traveler all over the world not all news I receive is from the Internet, newspaper or other mainstream media. Sometimes it is the way it happened before all those sources were available – news from people who have crossed the same places I have been. Today I had lunch with Liz Ferrin, a […]

A Rare Sighting

Wild African Dogs Found Wearing Maasai Beaded Dog Collars! April Fools! OK so it is not the best April Fools prank ever created and maybe even the worst but it was all I could think of given that I have just flown 30 hours from Chile (more on that coming up). And while these are […]

Another Great Article For Infinite Safari Adventures Kayaking In Tanzania

Greetings all! Recently Fodors.Com, which reaches 6 million unique visitors a month decided to do a story on non-traditional safari adventures. Needless to say our kayaking extensions in Tanzania is a very non-traditional adventure and Fodors.com honored us by selecting us as one of their adventures! The author, Christina Valhouli, captured it perfectly by describing […]