Tragedy in Kenya, Humanity will Prevail

I have been to Nairobi many times. In fact I was there less than a month ago celebrating my friend Patrick’s graduation from college that I posted here. I have friends that live in Nairobi. I have been to the Westgate Mall. I am saddened and disgusted by what has happened there this week. One […]

Where Art Thou Gorillas?

After a very long drive and a less than spectacular stay near the Bwindi Forest National Park it was time to go gorilla tracking in Uganda. I arrived at the park and looked around at all my fellow hikers. I immediately noticed that everyone had gaiters or had their pants tucked into their socks. Not […]

Meet My New Friend Baraka The Rhino

During my safari in the Ol Pajeta Conservancy we stopped off at the conservancy headquarters. There I was led by David, a great ranger at the conservancy to meet a blind black rhino named Baraka. Black rhinos are notorious for having poor eyesight, but a completely blind black rhino cannot survive alone in the wild […]

Beautiful Cheetahs In The Wild

As most of you know I sit on the board of trustees the Cheetah Conservation Fund. The primary goal of CCF is to make sure that cheetahs survive the threat of extinction. Right now there are only about 10-12,000 cheetahs left in the wild. While some of my clients have had great sightings, I have […]

A Very Proud Day

As I write this blog I am grinning from ear to ear as I have just returned from the graduation ceremony of my “rafiki” (friend) Patrick Olepapatiti who graduated with a degree in international business administration from United States International University. The campus of USIU, which has a student population of about 5000, is a […]