African Textiles

There are many worthwhile projects and small businesses in Africa and they are sprouting up all the time. Without trying to become a large multi-national corporation and to take over the world these businesses supply jobs to local communities and provide sources of income for local residents. As part of our Zambia-Malawi tour we got […]

Clever Craftsman

On my first day in Lilongwe Malawi I had the day to explore while waiting for the rest of my group to arrive. The owner of the hotel suggested I visit the local craft market at the post office in Lilongwe. I was very popular as I was the only tourist there and everyone wanted […]

The Beginning of Malawi

Malawi, formerly known as Nyasalandonce, was once part of the Federation of Rhodesia. It is a landlocked country , bordering Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Zambia and Zimbabwe were also part of Rhodesia. When it got its independence it broke off and became independent Malawi. It is also a country that the great explorer David Livingstone […]

Bubbles In the Bush

I am constantly amazed at what can be done in the middle of the bush. After 16 years of going on safari I am still surprised. This trip was no difference. While I will get back to my Malawi and Zambia reports in the next few weeks I have to share this wonderful experience with […]