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Buy An African Dog Collar!

Briggs -  Dog Collars for Africa


As you know as part of our giving back philosophy I started a project called Dog Collars For Africa. The concept is that I would underwrite the costs of materials and the women of the Ongata-Rongai village would use their incredible talents to make Maasai Beaded Dog Collars. Then a 100% of the proceeds would go back to the women to build a well near their village so that they would no longer have to walk 6km to get water.

Kahula - Dog Collars for Africa


Since they arrived I have been selling the collars at the travel shows and on our web site (check out some photos of our new models). I have also been working with the charitable organization A Voice Is Heard who will be providing the resources to build the well. This allows you to make a tax-deductible contribution to this worthwhile effort. Mention Infinite Safari Adventures and we will match your contribution dollar for dollar.

Alley - Dog Collars for Africa


Our efforts have been successful and we are close to reaching our goal. I plan on traveling to Africa in November and hope to build the well at that time.

Rusty - Dog Collars for Africa


So help put us over the top. Have a pooch? Know someone who loves their dog as much as we do? Buy a collar. Make a donation.

On behalf of the women Asante Sana.