Off To See The Gorilla Of My Dreams (pun intended)

As you read this I will be in Rwanda and Uganda researching tourist opportunities to track gorillas in these countries. I am going to look at the guides, the accommodations, organization of the tracking, logistics and how strenuous it is to get to see the gorillas. I am very excited to be going and will […]

Safari for Good – Helping People Make a Difference

I believe a lot in call it serendipity, fate, kismet whatever. I believe as long as you put yourself out there and open yourself up to the possibilities of new ideas and concepts wonderful things can happen. About two months ago I attended a seminar sponsored by the Adventure Travel Trade Association of which I […]

A Moving Visit

On our last day in Hungary we had the opportunity to visit the Synagogue in Budapest. It is a magnificent building that has been completely restored. It had been destroyed during WWII when the Jewish area of Budapest was walled up as a ghetto. And then towards the end of the war even though Hungarian […]