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Gorilla Trekking Nkuringo

Gorilla Trekking Nkuringo

As you read this I will be in Rwanda and Uganda researching tourist opportunities to track gorillas in these countries. I am going to look at the guides, the accommodations, organization of the tracking, logistics and how strenuous it is to get to see the gorillas.

I am very excited to be going and will be writing more blogs about my experience when I return.

Gorilla Trekking Nkuringo

Gorilla Trekking Nkuringo

The other day I found Diane breakfasting on “Gorilla Munch” cereal made by Nature’s Path. They are a company that not only sells cereal but also they do good by donating some of their profits to conservation organizations (Hey Nature’s Path how about a cheetah cereal in conjunction with the Cheetah Conservation Funs hint-hint) and on the box were some interesting gorilla facts. See if you know these facts (no cheating):

1. Gorillas are:

  1. Apes
  2. Monkeys
  3. Homo Sapiens
2. What Do Gorillas Eat?

  1. Mostly meat
  2. Mostly plants
  3. Fish & Fruit
3. Where Do They Sleep?

  1. Caves
  2. Tree Forts
  3. Nests Made of Leaves
4. How Big Do Gorillas Get?

  1. 100 pounds 3 feet tall
  2. 400 pounds 8 feet tall
  3. 800 pounds 10 feet tall

I look forward to bringing you back some wonderful stories and some amazing adventures!

(Answers – 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, & 4-b)