Native Speaking

Everyone I come in contact with in Tanzania speaks English along with Swahili as well as their tribal language be it Maasi, Meru, Chagga or the myriad of other tribes that live in Tanzania.  However, in all my travels around the world I have made it a point to at least learn to say “hello”, […]

Meeting Wilson at the Explorers Club

This weekend I was in New York to attend the Explorers Club Annual Dinner. It is a beautiful event held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and about 800 people attend from all over the world. This year’s theme was “The Mayan Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?” We listened as some of the world’s best minds interpreted […]

Roll Roll Roll Your Boat…

One of the most important and challenging skills to develop in kayaking is what is called an Eskimo Roll. This is a maneuver to rescue yourself when you capsize.  The name Eskimo Roll comes from the legend that when Eskimos went out to hunt seals, walruses and other animals by kayak they had themselves sewn […]

Ngorongoro Crater – Africa’s Eden

Though I have lived and worked in Africa for over a dozen years I will never forget my first time in the Ngorongoro Crater. The mystery of all those childhood wildlife programs where the sun goes down at the end of another day and the hyenas come out to feast – had put the place […]

Lake Tanganyika Memories

When I was spending New Years Day down on the coast it reminded me of another time on the beach, though that time at Lake Tanganyika. My wife Teena and I were the managers of Greystroke Mahale Camp where we first met Alan and his wife, Diane. This is where Alan and I discovered our […]