Happy New Year

Give Thanks Today is December 31st, the last day of 2013. I wrote this blog a week earlier having just returned from a hike with my dog Alley and my son Darrow who is visiting for a few days from Santa Cruz. I am biased but Darrow, 23, is an amazing person. He is a […]

Adorn Your Dog With A Maasai Beaded Dog Collar

They Are Here! About a year ago when I was in Africa hanging out with my good friend Patrick we decided to start a small business together. Patrick, a Maasai warrior, wanted to help out the women of his village who must walk 6km to get water everyday. That is just who Patrick is and […]

A Very Special Day For Infinite Safari Adventures

Several weeks ago I received notice that Infinite Safari Adventures had won the 2013 Product Development Award from the Tanzanian Tourist Board. This past week I was invited to the Tanzania Embassy in Washington DC to receive my award. It was a great day. I arrived at the Tanzanian Embassy wearing my Maasai beaded sash […]

Meet “Alley”

There is a Swahili phrase made popular by Disney – “Hakuna Matata.” It literally means “no worries” or “no problem.” I also expand the definition to “life goes on so don’t worry be happy.” And sometimes things happen that you just can’t control. Diane and I were/are devastated by Heidi’s passing. It will take a […]

Delicious Apple Crumble – Where?

You might expect to get a delicious chunk of homemade apple crumble at your Grandma’s house in say, Michigan or Central California. But… in the middle of the Southern Africa desert? As part of Diane and my recent trip to Namibia to attend the Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit and to visit the Cheetah […]