Crickets and Python and Grubs -Yum Yum

I am a member of the Explorers Club (www.explorersclub.org) I am proud to be a member as we have an illustrious history. Explorer Club expeditions have taken place on both poles, Mt. Everest, the moon and just recently our Academy Award-winning member Jim Cameron arrived at the deepest part of the ocean. Every year an […]

Birds! Birds! Birds! Not The Big 5 But the Little Hundreds

  Everyone who goes on a wildlife safari wants to see the Big 5. That is Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards and Rhino. They are called the Big 5 because they were at a time the 5 most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Now they are the ones that everyone wants to see on the […]

Snakes on a Safari? No, But You Can See Them At The Los Angeles Zoo!

I thought I would interrupt my travelogue about my latest trip to Africa to tell you about a really neat exhibit I saw this past week. Whenever I talk to people about coming to Africa the first question I get asked is “is it safe?” As stated in a previous blog post here Is it […]

I Saw An Elephant in our Safari Camp (And this time I know how he got there)

Sometimes on game drives you forget you are in the wild and that these animals are not tame. Driving up to a pride of lions you sometimes think you could get out of the car and pet the “nice kitties.” To do so would quickly make you a snack. But what really drives the point […]