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Elephants in our CampSometimes on game drives you forget you are in the wild and that these animals are not tame. Driving up to a pride of lions you sometimes think you could get out of the car and pet the “nice kitties.” To do so would quickly make you a snack.

But what really drives the point home is when you have a four-legged visitor in your camp. One morning at Lake Manze Camp I had just finished breakfast when just outside our open dining hall not more than 20 feet away two very large elephants visited us and munched on the delicious foliage that surrounded our dining hall.

I was told by the manager of the camp that these 2 males visited often. And while one was pretty nice the other was not and it was very important to steer clear. When you see the size of these guys and know the damage they can inflict steering clear was an easy choice to make.

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