Meet Francois and Patience

Passionate Gorilla Guides During my recent gorilla tracking expedition in Rwanda, I found myself waiting around to be assigned to a group to track. I stood watching all of the guides having a meeting about their plans for the day. My own guide pointed out one of the older gorilla guides whom everyone seemed to […]

A Very Moving Memorial

Being Jewish I have visited several memorials remembering the victims of the Holocaust of World War II, toured concentration camps and met and heard the stories of people who survived this nightmare. Needless to say I wasn’t all that enthusiastic when Patrick my guide took me to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali and left me […]

Heidi “Boo” Feldstein

Heidi “Boo” Feldstein May 1, 2002- October 17, 2013 Heidi “Boo” Feldstein passed quietly away today. She was 11 and half years old or over 80 in dog years. She was found by world renowned pet communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick in a storm drain barely alive trying to keep puppies that she had given birth to […]

Kigali, Rwanda – Impressive

After passing through the Nairobi airport for the third time it was time to begin the last leg of my journey and off I flew to Kigali, Rwanda. I had no idea what to expect – would it be like Uganda? Would I feel the underlying tension of the genocide that occurred about 20 years […]

And The Winner Is…

Infinite Safari Adventures! I have just received notification that the Tanzania Tourist Board has given Infinite Safari Adventures its 2013 award for Product Development. This award was given to Infinite Safari Adventures “in recognition of Infinite Safari’s unique offering of kayaking in Tanzania as well as the development of this exclusive adventure in a remote […]

InfiniteSafariAdventures.Com Has A New Look!

One of the reasons Infinite Safari Adventures has been so successful in such a short period of time is that we listen to our friends and clients and never let good enough be good enough. Now in the company’s third year, we are always looking for new safari experiences, new places to go and exciting […]