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Heidi “Boo” Feldstein
May 1, 2002- October 17, 2013

Heidi “Boo” Feldstein passed quietly away today. She was 11 and half years old or over 80 in dog years. She was found by world renowned pet communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick in a storm drain barely alive trying to keep puppies that she had given birth to alive. That was the kind of dog she was. She had an incredible spirit and touched everyone – dog and non-dog lover alike

Heidi “Boo” Feldstein

Heidi “Boo” Feldstein

Sonya rescued her and the puppies and nursed Heidi back to health. She knew we were looking for a dog, called us and in her British accent said “Darling I have found your dog and she can’t wait to meet you.” Diane and I flew to Houston to get her and bring us back with her. Once here we knew that Sonya was right – she was our dog.

To say she led an incredible life would be an understatement. Heidi was on television, appeared on stage, internet videos, met celebrities, attended art openings, movie premieres, went to the gym, went to restaurants, and ran errands with us. Every place we went she was known. Her picture even hangs in our dry cleaners along with other celebrities. She even was celebrated with her own Studio City wide birthday party sponsored by the Patch were she was a columnist. She was a regular guest at the all-male Adventurer’s club. She even helped save a marriage. While maybe not classically beautiful everyone always commented on how beautiful she was – it was because of a certain spirit about her that one cannot describe.

She is going to be truly missed not only by us but by everyone she touched. We take comfort in the fact that we were so blessed to have her in our lives and that she led a life few dogs had the chance to live.

We love you Heidi Boo.