Clever Solutions To Prevent Poaching

Poaching continues to be a huge problem throughout the world. As such people all over the world have tried to devise creative solutions to stop this scourge of some of our most precious natural resources. One idea is to dye the horns of elephants and rhino pink to deter people from poaching. The concept is […]

The Big Picture Project Is Coming To Kenya

If you ever get depressed by the state of the world take a breath, let the moment pass and you will come across someone doing something positive and wonderful. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a delightful couple, Karin and Roger Doolin who are professional photographers from the Midwest. They called […]

The Circle Of Life At Kittredge Elementary School

(Or At Least Educating The Next Generation) As we start a new year we think about old and new and starting fresh. Last year I was approached by Jill Holden. She is a friend of ours who does a remarkable job of teaching theater to elementary school students. She told me that she had applied […]

Meet The New Ambassador From Tanzania!

I was very fortunate to have developed a friendship with Her Honor Liberatta Mulamula the Tanzanian ambassador to the United States. I have written about her here before (Click here) and was always impressed by her spirit and drive in representing her country of Tanzania. Thus I was sad, but happy for her, when she […]