Cheers To the Next Generation – Be Very Hopeful

Third Time’s a Charm: Working on a Water Project in Eastern Uganda I have a good friend Wes Siegner, whose twin daughters are the same age as my son.  Last month we were discussing (and bragging) that they had all just graduated from college and what their plans were.  After Wes finally got a word […]

Adapting To Reality (TV)

On June 5th I told you about an episode of the Sundance Channel’s Push Girls. This reality series features the lives of 4 young women who are in wheelchairs but lead some pretty incredible lives. Last night’s episode (which you can get on ITunes and see it repeated on the Sundance Channel – it is […]

I Always Like To Be Validated

A good friend of ours, Andy Sheng, (pet photographer extraordinaire – check him out at www.otisandlucy.com) sent me an article that recently appeared on the CNN web site.  Called “Tanzania Take a Ride on the Wild Side” every thing the article said was right on the money.  Book with a safari operator, the type of […]

Staring At the Computer Screen Looking for Lions

Last week I wrote about how I use technology to free me from my desk and allow me to communicate with Steve in Tanzania in a fast efficient manner. No sooner had I sent the story off to my webmaster to post I found another great use of technology. If you want to get a […]

A Beautiful Little Movie About Real Africa

I was speaking to a good friend of mine the other day who lives in New York.  He is extremely hard working and focused.  Recently he had to go to South Africa on business and after much cajoling and prodding I convinced him to spend at least one day going on safari and seeing wildlife.  […]