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Last week I wrote about how I use technology to free me from my desk and allow me to communicate with Steve in Tanzania in a fast efficient manner. No sooner had I sent the story off to my webmaster to post I found another great use of technology.

Staring At the Computer Screen Looking for Lions

If you want to get a glimpse of wildlife how about using web cams?  Yes, there is now a web site that has posted web cams in different areas that allows you to sit in the comfort of your home for a chance to view wildlife on your computer.  Called Africam it is either for (a) wildlife lovers who can’t get enough, (b) a great way to get excited about your upcoming trip or (c) for people who have way too much time on their hands.

So far I have seen elephants. Cheetahs and a herd of gazelles on the cam.  Going back to my “toys or tools,” I have been very careful to not start playing the “oh I will take a short break and see what is on Africam for a while” game.

But it is very fascinating to be sitting on your computer and watching something thousands of miles away.  And in my humble opinion it sure beats the cute kitty videos on YouTube!