Kayaking In Southern California – Check out California Kayaker Magazine!

Almost every weekend you can find me with a group of friends kayaking out of Marina Del Rey California.  Last weekend I led 12 of us on a 20 mile paddle.  We paddled 10 miles to the famous Gladstone’s restaurant in Malibu, had lunch and paddled back.  A tiring but incredible day.  More on that […]

Staring At the Computer Screen Looking for Lions

Last week I wrote about how I use technology to free me from my desk and allow me to communicate with Steve in Tanzania in a fast efficient manner. No sooner had I sent the story off to my webmaster to post I found another great use of technology. If you want to get a […]


Infinite Kayak Wins a Spot in Paddlers Photo Calendar

Now that the year is winding down it is time to think “what calendar should I hang on the wall?” How about a calendar from paddlng.net Why you ask? Check out the month of May. Yes, I am Mr. May! Well not really (which I am sure you are happy about, but I am proud […]